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Speaker Says He Had Authority to Sign Passport Recommendation

Michael Peyrefitte’s name appears in the Auditor General’s Special Report on the Passport, Immigration and Nationality Departments. In her report, Auditor General Dorothy Bradley noted that Peyrefitte made a recommendation for a passport when he had no legal power to do so. Peyrefitte, however, does have the authority to do so because he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and that makes him a member of the House.  Peyrefitte has taken great offence from the publication because he believes that the statement will tarnish his reputation and with that he had asked for an apology from Bradley but that request was ignored and so Peyrefitte sought legal action. The parties appeared in front of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin who stood down the matter until November 10. According, to Peyrefitte’s attorney, Marilyn Williams, her client is seeking to have his name cleared.


“I’m not doing anything with any malicious intent. There were some things said about me in a very important report and I can’t let that falsehood go unchallenged, if something has been said about me that is not correct and it has serious implications then I have to take steps to try and correct it so that’s all I’m doing here, I’m not trying to score any points or send any message or anything like that. My name has been called in this report and I need to correct it. I don’t want to get into the merits of the case but if you look at the letter that I originally sent I think some of it was made public in the news I was not asking at that point for anything to be shut down. All I wanted and still want is essentially is for the error to be corrected that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Other than that like Ms.Williams said we fully expect that the senate hearing will commence on November 9th as told to us by the president of the senate.”


“For that error to be corrected it would require a reprint of those books for your name not to appear in there anymore?”


“In my opinion no, I don’t think you would have to reprint it. In my opinion it would require a very simple fix but like I said I don’t want to prejudice the very good discussions we had with the auditor general and her attorneys on the possibility of resolving this matter so that the court doesn’t have to make any pronouncements on it that is my desire, hope and expectation.”

So what will it take to correct this error? That is what the media asked Peyrefitte who is hopeful that case be resolved without the court’s intervention.


As to the other statements made in the Auditor General’s report, the Senate Special Select Committee is probing into them and they are slated to begin their investigation on Wednesday, November 9.