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Speaker Says His Facebook Account Was Hacked

Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte, came under fire from the LGBT Community and associates when a homophobic post appeared on his personal Facebook account. The post went viral and it got a lot of negative comments by people who said that Peyrefitte was spreading hate speech. However, minutes after the post appeared, another post followed with a claim by Peyrefitte that his Facebook account was hacked and that he did not post up the homophobic status.


“I was hacked for the third time during the incident. I know of several people who have always been hacked so I am not ashamed nor do I back down from whatever I say whenever I say it but when I don’t say something I don’t say something. I never even indicated or try to publicly indicate on my page I just said I was coming off and people asked me why I was and I said I was hacked. I had said to myself that I would remove myself from Facebook the very next time I was hacked. It just turned out that that is what happened. The fact that it affected UNIBAM and the homosexual community is neither here nor there, there is no special place in my mind for them when I decided to remove myself from Facebook.”

Peyrefitte has since deactivated his Facebook account.