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Special Envoy Condemns Violence Against Women and Children

The Special Envoy for the Development of Families & Children Rossana Briceno is tonight condemning the double murder of Kendra Middleton and her son, Aiden Perez. In a press release Rossana says that violence against women and children is violence against every Belizean and it has no place in Belize. The release states that recent data on violence against women and children in Belize is alarming. Briceno says her office stands committed to working tirelessly with partners and will use the power and resources of the Office to strengthen legal frameworks and institutions for the effective persecution and punishment, and where possible the rehabilitation, of the perpetrators. Briceno also says that her office is also committed to improve services for survivors, and to promote women and family empowerment so as to ensure every Belizean woman can live freely and safely.