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Special Envoy dissatisfied with police’s handling of domestic Violence case

The office of the Special Envoy of Belize, Kim Simplis Barrow, issued a release on Thursday in which she expressed concern over how a case of domestic violence was handled in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. That case involves Russell Casimiro who was arrested, charged, arraigned, fined a thousand dollars and later released on probation for wounding. This followed an incident in which he was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend at her house on the island on the night of April 1. Mrs. Barrow’s concerns, according to the release, stem from emerging details surrounding the case and these include that the medico legal form issued to the victim was lost by police and therefore the Magistrate was unable to properly assess the case. Also, the Special Envoy is questioning why Casimiro was not charged for quote, “forcibly entering” the victim’s home. The Special Envoy quote, “calls on the relevant authorities to review the management of this case and also calls for the appeal of Mr. Casimiro’s penalty,” end of quote. Today however, when asked about the allegations on the case, the Belize Police Department’s Press office said that, one, the medico legal form was not lost; two, the alleged accused pled guilty for the crime of wounding; and three, police have not indicated whether there will be any other charges against Casimiro. Meanwhile, this afternoon the Belize Tourism Board issued a release in which it clarified that Russell Casimiro is not a licensed tour guide. When the Police released information on the incident, it listed Casimiro’s occupation as a tour guide but according to the BTB, he has not been licensed to operate as one since 2015, and is therefore not legally authorized to conduct any tours or other responsibilities of a tour guide.