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Special Envoy for Women and Children calls for proper investigation into death of teenage girl

The questionable death of Faye Lin Cannon is a tragic story, one that many believe could have been prevented. Resident of San Pedro Town have protested against the murder of Faye Lin on two occasions where they expressed that the matter was reported to the proper authorities. Special Envoy for Woman and Children Kim Simplis Barrow commented on Faye’s death.

Kim Simplis Barrow – Special Envoy for Women and Children
“It’s a sad day when a child dies, not only a child in Belize but globally we go through this process of mourning. It’s upsetting that it happened here. I believe that a proper investigation needs to take place into what exactly was going on. I understand that the FBI is now involved because they are Americans and these children were adopted in Hawaii or something like that. My office hasn’t received any formal report but we will be reaching out to the US embassy because they are the ones I think that are heading the investigation and trying to see what happened and what went wrong. I know that some residents in San Pedro said that they had reported it to the US Embassy and that they had reported it to Human Development but I’m not sure where we failed.”

The San Pedranos reported what they saw with the children to police, the US embassy, Office of ….

Kim Simplis Barrow – Special Envoy for Women and Children
“My office didn’t receive any such reports but if my office received a report we always refer it to the Ministry of Human Development, it’s the protocol to refer it to them they go in and do their investigation and of course they have different process of when they can remove a child from a home.”

“I think one of the things that the residents are clamoring for is more social workers on the island because the one that is there is serving both San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Would you office be

Kim Simplis Barrow – Special Envoy for Women and Children
“Absolutely we would definitely advocate for more social workers, we need more social workers countrywide to be honest with you. We are lacking in that department. I encourage all these young graduates who are coming out of high school to take up careers like social work because it’s so very important and it’s needed in Belize and yeah I would definitely advocate for there to be more social workers.

Faye lived with Cannon and Doehm along with three other adopted female children. While investigators did not see any physical signs of abuse on the other girls, a medical examination is expected to be conducted on the girls.