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Special Envoy for Women and Children says there is the need for sex education in schools

Today Belize joins the international community in commemorating World Population Day. The United Nation Population Fund along with the office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children have organized a national symposium on family planning under the theme, “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations.” Partners met in Belize City to discuss the overall goal of the integrated strategic framework to reduce the number of adolescent pregnancies. Special Envoy for Women and Children spoke on the topic.

Kim Simpliss Barrow – Special Envoy for Women and Children
Sex education is very important. Personally I think it has to be in all schools, but most importantly parents need to take responsibility in starting that conversation at home. It starts with the home with accurate information provided by parents to their children and it starts from a very young age and gradually feed your children age appropriate information.”

“Given the increase of teenage pregnancy in Belize and any region and the reality out there would you say that protection would have more of an impact than abstinence?”

Kim Simpliss Barrow – Special Envoy for Women and Children
“Putting me on the spot now. I believe that each home has to educate the children the way that they want. I believe in providing children with, I think you should give children all options, abstinence; why because you are still growing you are not mature enough what you do right now you should be focusing on your studies. Contraceptives, you have to teach your children about contraceptives and it’s not only to our boys we tend to empower our boys by telling them that they should use a condom what do we tell our girls nothing really. So we need to start empowering our girls and our girls have the decision of saying ‘I’m not going to be with you unless you wear a condom.”

One of the goals of the framework is to establish social protection mechanisms for the prevention of all forms of violence against adolescent girls.