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Special Envoy Does Symbolic Opening of NICU/PICU

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital held an Official open ceremony of the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The newly designed unit is equipped for eight pediatric intensive care patients and twenty three Neonatal Intensive care patients. NICU PICU 3From the equipment to the infrastructure is state of the art which is estimated for seven million dollars. Dr. Adrian Coye CEO at KHMH says that this new unit is a game changer for the hospital as well as the level of service that the unit will offer.


“Here we have one of the biggest investments in our hospital, for I don’t know since when, because it is a game changer transforming the landscape of healthcare delivery and in a way it will result in  a remarkable elevation in the level of care that is to happen here in a facility that is designed for eight pediatric intensive care patients, 23 neonatal intensive care patients and it is extremely special in the consideration given to the parents because as you know we have parents coming from far and wide and they may not have ability to stay anywhere in Belize City. This is a very compassionate and excellent move on the part of our design and we are very very proud of it.”

NICU PICU 4Special Envoy for women and children, Kim Simplis Barrow, spoke on what inspired her to take on the initiative of completing the pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit through donations.


“I am almost in disbelief that this day is finally here. The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital finally has a new Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It has taken years of hard work, support from countless people and organizations and of course major fundraising efforts that continued right up to the past few weeks. The journey has been remarkable. Shortly after being named Special Envoy for Women and Children, I had a tour of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital; that tour made it blatantly clear that the physical space in which essential medical services were being offered to our children needed a good deal of improvement; the KHMH is after all our national referral hospital. But ladies and gentlemen what really galvanized me into action that day was seeing a child in the general ward with adults because there was no room in the children’s ward. That little person looked so incredibly displaced and in that moment the severity of the situation came into sharp focus for me. It was obvious that the needs of a growing population had outstripped the capacity of facility that had been established in the mid 1990’s.”

The Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit received numerous donations towards the development of the facility. Some of the bigger donors were, See and Taste Belize who donated eighty five thousand two hundred dollars, the Social Security Board donated three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but the biggest donor was the Oak Foundation, who donated two million dollars. Program Officer of the Oak Foundation spoke about why they did not hesitate to participate for the cause.NICU PICU RIBBON CUTTING


“For us it was an ideal process and when you look at the mission of the Oak Foundation for those who are not familiar, we commit our resources to yes, environmental and social causes but those that affect the lives of those who are most disadvantaged among us. A newborn child who needs to be in an incubator ought to be given a fighting chance to survive and so for us it was a natural alignment with our own policies and principles and philosophy and it takes effective leadership to analyze and see through that. Mrs. Barrow was able to do her research and find out exactly what the foundation is interested in especially since we are not always highly elevated in our profile. She was able to convince us and so for me I am incredibly excited to be here today to see the conclusion of that project.

The unit starts operation the first week of December.