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Special Envoy Launches 2016 Inspiration Centre’s Calendar and Agenda

Inspiration Centre Calendar 2016 2The Inspiration Centre, Special Envoy for Women and Children and McNab Designs launched their annual 2016 Inspiration Calendar and Agenda. The calendar is used to promote the life and abilities of the children at the Inspiration Center. It is also a way to raise funds for the Inspiration Center. The calendar comprises twelve photos, with a photo of a child representing each month. Special envoy for Women and Children Kim- Simplis Barrow spoke of the importance of the launch for the children.


“This year we are ahead of time because we are coming out early with both of them. As you know the agendas are for sale, we normally get them pre-sold before the launch so that we don’t have any problems but it really is a great day for our children with disabilities because they participate fully in getting the calendars done. Every summer there is the summer program where they do paintings and those paintings are highlighted throughout the calendar. It is a fundraising effort for the Inspiration Centre but more importantly it’s an advocacy tool for our children with disabilities that they have rights, that they are talented, that they can participate fully in our society in whatever ways it is that they can participate.”

The inspiration center received two donations today. The first was from McNab Designs for twenty four thousand dollars and the second check was from the Taiwanese embassy for four hundred thousand dollars. Simplis Barrow spoke about the donations and the growth of the center.


“The first cheque was from McNab Designs which every year because of the calendar we had formed this partnership that she donates the proceeds from the agenda sales to the Inspiration Centre and then the cheque presentation from the Government of Taiwan was for $400,000 and that was through lobbying efforts to keep the centre open, keep the services that we are providing for these children. The operation is going very well. I think we’ve seen a couple changes, I think our fundraisers are always tied into highlighting what it is that can be achieved in terms of having a child with disabilities unable to walk, to having a child to at least be able to take a few steps. Having a child not being able to cloth him or herself to a child being able to put on a shoe and so those are the outcomes and we will continue to do everything that we possibly can to ensure that our children with disabilities have the best opportunities in life.”

To purchase the 2016 calendar or agenda, you can find them at the Inspiration Centre.