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Special Envoy Speaks Cancer in Vienna, Austria

Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow was recently in Vienna, Austria participating in a panel discussion led by the International Atomic Energy Agency in commemoration of World Cancer Day on February 3.  The discussion focused on the improving access to cancer treatment in developing countries and the public-private partnerships required as well as the political commitment.  In her remarks, Simplis-Barrow who is a cancer survivor herself, noted the dire need for more equitable access to cancer care not only in Belize but in Central America and the Caribbean.  The IAEA quoted her as saying, quote, “We all share the same goal: to reduce the burden of cancer but small countries face specific challenges, which is why regional partnerships may be one good way to advance jointly and share resources. We need a broad coalition of government and non-governmental organizations, high-level leadership and commitment. I strongly believe that political leaders can become champions in making a positive change.”  End of quote.  As we noted, Simplis-Barrow is a cancer survivor and works closely with the Belize Cancer Society.  She has a history of working with children as she was leading the lifeline Foundation long before she was appointed as Special Envoy in 2008.