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Special Envoy speaks on abuse and violence of women

The Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow has been a firm advocate to ending violence against women and children.  Today, she presented a speech in celebration of the works against gender based violence.  Simplis-Barrow made special note of the various forms of abuse and violence experienced by women.


“Violence against women and girls is not confined to a specific culture or ethnic group, region, or country. Or to particular groups of women within a society. The roots of this type of violence lies in persistent discrimination against women and girls. It lies in antiquated thinking that someone females are somehow inferior to males rather than thier equals. Indeed violence against women and girls is pervasive and knows no boundaries. If we reflect on recent events right here in Belize we can recall that over the past year women have been murdered by their intimate partners and several cases of sexual and physical violence were reported in the media. Disturbingly the increased access and use of the technology, which should be a very positive thing has given rise to new ways of perpetrating violence mostly against women and girls. Cyber bullying, specifically the release of nude or intimate photos of women without their  permission is a form of sexual violence. These acts are intended to attack, humiliate, shame, silence and publicly expose women and especially in our small society these attacks can have real and devastating effects. Violence against women and girls in all its forms is a gross violation of human rights and we cannot tolerate it. We can all play a role in stopping it. I hope that you will join me in taking whatever small steps you can to help to protect the rights of women and girls across the country.