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Spectators to Be Allowed at Sporting Events Come Next Year

As it stands right now, only persons who have been inoculated against the COVID-19 virus can engage in contact sports. In other words, those who have not been vaccinated cannot engage in contact sports. The law also prohibits spectators to gather to watch contact sports. That, however, is about to change. Sports Minister, Kevin Bernard told Love News that come January 15, 2022, spectators will be allowed to attend live sporting competitions. He says, however, that limitations will be imposed.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Sports: “While we’re opening up our borders come January why not open up our other opportunities. So sports is one of of the opportunities that young people want to go and engage in. They don’t want to be sitting on a sideline and watching and feeling that the police are gonna arrest you because I want to enjoy a game, I want to live peaceful. So that is part of it. But it’s also a part of understanding that this is the new normal. All we need to do is encourage people to continue to get vaccinated, wear your mask and be responsible that’s all we’re saying. But at the same time it’s also to ensure that people are engaged with each other. We cannot continue to live this – covid has somewhat made an anti social life style, our young people are struggling in the classrooms. We need to get our children back to the schools. So putting people in sport at the same time it’s not just for those going out on the football field but it’s also about what program we can implement in the young children in the schools to say alright in terms of sports this is how we’re going to start to develop. Let us build on that curriculum but we need sports at the same time because I think a lot of people felt that they were locked out so we have to create that opportunity but spots also creates economic activity for the local communities, the person that goes to sell panades at the door or the little club that has to collect that little gate money you know those are things that generates a little economic activity across the country when it comes to sports and so that was one of the main reasons as well but at the same time to give our people, our citizens a sense that we’re opening back slowly but let us be responsible.”