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Spike in gun violence in Conch Shell Bay area

Nineteen year old Keimar Nicholas is the fourth person to be shot in the Conch Shell Bay Area this month. Three shootings have occurred and two persons have been killed. Police would not say if the incidents are related. In an interview yesterday about the Clinton Fraser murder, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood was asked what police is doing to prevent more shootings from occurring in the area.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – Police Press Officer

“I can assure you that OCED south ACP Williams is doing his intervention and he will continue to do his intervention in that area as well as other areas on the south side of Belize City. We are cognizant of the fact that yes this is a second murder in that area and we are looking at some angles of our intervention as well.”


“Do you anticipate any retaliation for this murder?

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – Police Press Officer

“Well at the police department we do not anticipate anything; we try our best to prevent