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Spreading Awareness about Premature babies at the KHMH

To have healthy babies, proper nutrition, vitamins, and scheduled visits to the doctor are required. Yet at times some babies will be born prematurely and have some health conditions that require immediate attention. Of the 300 babies for the year, Neroli Williams the Unit Manager for the NICU unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital says 192 are premature babies and the KMMH is committed to spread awareness about premature babies this month.

Neroli Williams, Unit Manager, NICU:  “We attend to the newborn babies with complications or problems after birth. From birth until we admit three to seven days but sometimes they are here for three months or five months, it all depends, we keep them up to five months.”
Reporter: So what are you actually celebrating ?
Neroli Williams, Unit Manager, NICU: “We are creating awareness for premature. We have an increase amount of premature babies being born and worldwide November is celebrated as world prematurity month. The 17th is World Premature Day but the 17th this year falls on a Saturday so because of that we are celebrating the day on Friday. In doing that we are inviting all of our babies that were premature to come back for an hour or two tomorrow just to interact with other parents and see how they are doing. We will have finger food and little gifts for them as well. It varies by year. For this year we have more than 50% of our admissions so far being premature babies which calls for awareness because healthy living and lifestyle is one of main factors and considering diabetes and hypertension as well a lot of our mothers are diabetic or hypertensive which leads to premature births.”

The unit observes the premature babies; offer life support, feed babies through veins if they are unable to feed. On Friday, mothers and babies who have spent time in the unit will return for an interactive session with their doctors and nurses.