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Squatters also causing a problem for BEWU

A few weeks ago we brought the issue of the squatters in Belama Phase Four and their dilemma of having their homes broken down and having to relocate.  In our initial stories, we told you that the large plot of land belongs to Fen Lan Company.  Tonight, however, there is a development as we have learned that a portion of the property is for the Belize Energy Workers Union.  Marvin Mora is the General Secretary of the union.

Marvin Mora General Secretary Belize Energy Works Union: “We did our homework and took this time out to go all the way to the Lands Department Belmopan and again it was reiterated via writing to us that the land we believe is ours is still ours so we have confirmed from the Lands Department that indeed we don’t have an issue. It is a very small plot of land and hopefully it will be the headquarters for the Belize Energy Workers Union in the near future.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “But isn’t someone squatting on your land as well?”

Marvin Mora General Secretary Belize Energy Works Union: “Yes we are trying to work it out before we have to take that person to the court because these are very poor people, people with very limited resources. The Union would have more than enough resources to take that to court but we are allowing them to address the issue on their own before we have to resort to taking them to court. If we don’t really need to then I guess we can work that out between ourselves and the persons who are there.”

As it relates to the twenty families that are squatting, PUP’s Freetown Area Representative, Francis Fonseca, says that he will be representing those families.