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Squatters being evicted

Tonight, there is a property in Belama Phase four that is in dispute. Fen Lan Company has bought the property in that area, part of the land is owned by Belize Workers Union of Belize Electricity Limited while the other portion is being occupied by an estimated twenty families who are squatters.  Love News spoke with a concerned citizen about the situation.

Squatter: “The reason I am here is because I am a concerned resident as well because I think my neighbor is being affected in the area as well and the lot that belongs to BWU lot 4833 is a private property. I am seeing the residence in the area being affected from the beginning of Ivonne Flores St. way at the back. More than 20 families are being affected  and some of them are being evacuated, they have been given letters of notice: one month to evacuate the area. They explained $100 if you need to stay on the land and $50 deposit and $100 monthly deposit.

The residents have received an eviction notice and they have until February to evacuate. However, they can choose to begin making payment to the company in order to stay on the land. One resident, Clemente Lara (BELAMA LANDS VO) have already started to make payments since he has nowhere else to go. Love News also spoke with Jason Chang, the Manager of Fen Lan Company who confirmed that his company did buy the land.

Jason Chang – Manager of Fen Lan Company: “To my understanding some of them probably would got contacted by their lawyers yes because they are building on our lands and towards any date they do not own any of them. Of course you know that we just want to be reasonable right. I mean you are living on a land that is not yours so and then we also understand that if we say hey look and tell you to move out that’s maybe too unfair for them so what I think what the company would do is actually rent it for them like okay you want to use it fine you know we will charge you a fee and then you get to use it.”

We will have more on this story in subsequent newscasts.