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SSB Officially Opens its the David L.Mckoy Business Centre

Today, the Social Security Board officially opened its new building named the David L. Mckoy Business Centre as part of its Investment Portfolio to attract additional income for the Fund through commercial space for lease. The building located in central Belmopan houses four floors with hurricane-proof windows and glass area consistent with the structural integrity of the building, dedicated parking, elevators, security and more. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz attended today’s inauguration and spoke to the Corporate and Customer Relations Services Manager Chandra Nisbet Cansino about the day’s event.

Chandra Nisbet Cansino, Corporate and Customer Relations Services Manager , SSB

Chandra Nisbet Cansino, Corporate and Customer Relations Services Manager , SSB: “Today is the official inauguration of the David L McKoy Business Center which is an investment project with the Social Security Board which we have been building for the past two years and it is finally completed and the official inauguration took place today at Belmopan at the building. We had the keynote address delivered by the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize as well as other invited guests.”

Also in attendance was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Cordell Hyde who gave the keynote address.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize: “I’m glad I got this opportunity to come here today and say a fe words about the Honorable David L  McKoy. I think he was a representative of what a true public servant should be because as politicians we are public servants. I think he lived the word social justice to the fullest and the fact that he lived such a simple life but such a deep and compelling life because at the end of the day his vision will live on. Social Security was his vision fifty two years ago and now we are so fittingly celebrating and naming this building after him and so I’m glad I got the opportunity to be here.”

Reporter:  A part from that for does it feel to be a part of this new government today to this blessing for this country.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize: “It has not been any honeymoon, quite different from when I first got elected 1998. You know we have been elected in very difficult time, very stressful economic times and so there’s been no rest and there’s been no honeymoon. It has been all about focusing on what’s important and what we have to do. We’ve had to make some very tough decisions but we think that ultimately our decisions will pay off for the betterment of this country and for the common good.”

The building is dedicated to the late Honourable David L. Mckoy in recognition of his contribution as the Minister of Labour in securing coverage for workers through the introduction of Social Security in 1981.