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SSB threatens legal action against Belize City Council over monies owed

The Social Security Board is threatening to take legal action against the Belize City Council for unpaid Social Security deductions.  A letter, dated May 15, sent to the council, reminds the council of an outstanding balance of more than thirty-four thousand dollars. That balance stems from a much larger debt of more than seventy-seven thousand dollars owed for the period November to December 2017. The City council has up to five days to clear the debt and if does not, the SSB will commence legal proceedings against the council in order to recover the amount owed. Last month, Mayor Bernard Wagner hosted a press conference at which he revealed that the previous city council neglected to pay social security contributions. Wagner said that the previous UDP City Council still owed more than forty thousand dollars to the Social Security Board. He said the monies were deducted from the employees’ salaries but not paid to the SSB. Apart from instituting a legal claim against the council in order to collect what is owed, the SSB will also seek that a fine of no less than five hundred dollars be imposed on the council for late payment. In more news from the Belize City Council, today the Council met with the Christian Workers Union Executive and their employees’ representative.   While the Council listened to the concerns, they remain resolute that there will not be any reinstatement of the employees that were fired.