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SSB unveils Facebook

During this morning’s event, Social Security Board also unveiled its Facebook page. It is hoped that through this medium Social Security will better engage its customers. The Social Security Board announced a stronger online presence that employees and employers can utilize to make secured financial transaction. CEO, Dr. Colin Young told us more.

CEO of Social Security Board, Dr. Colin Young

“We have launched what is called the online contribution portal which allows employers to submit payments and their fin 15 days which is the list of employees remotely twenty four hours a day, they no longer have to send someone to wait in line to pay the contributions. They can do it online. And then we also launched what is called the Direct Deposit Program which now allows you, if you provide us with your banking information that we can deposit your maternity and sickness benefit payments directly into your account and you no longer have to come pick up a cheque or to inquire whether a payment was made. This would be done remotely.”