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SSB Workers Paid Uniform Allowance

There is peace, for now, at the Social Security Board as the pending uniform allowance was disbursed to the workers two weeks ago.  Love News understands that the SSB workers were paid on November 2, all the monies owed to them under a uniform allowance which became due when SSB failed to meet the deadline of November 14, 2014 in providing new uniforms for staff.  The agitation before the media began in early October and continued throughout the month with subtle protests by the workers during lunch breaks as well as with the CWU President, Audrey Matura Shepherd being at the forefront of radio and television interviews on the issue.  In our last report on the matter at around the end of October we told you of an agreement that was pending between both the workers and the SSB regarding amendments to the 18-month time frame given for the provision of uniforms as well as the issue of having the uniforms sourced locally.  We understand that while the workers were paid their uniform allowance, they did not sign onto the amendments as those are still being discussed.  As for the Collective Bargaining Agreement which is pending, that too, remains on the negotiating table.