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SSB’s Consultations on Increased Contributions Conclude

Earlier this year, the Social Security Board embarked on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders. The purpose was to get feedback in regards to a possible increase of social security contributions for employees who are earning between 300 and 500 dollars per week. The consultancy concluded and today the SSB presented the findings to its stakeholders during a forum in Belize City. CEO Dr. Colin Young spoke to Love News.


“Well the idea was to have a consultant review the last two years of sickness benefit claims to identify mechanisms we can strengthen and improve the process so that we can better serve insured persons as well as to meet some of the concerns and needs of employers. So that is today the consultant is sharing the results with the stakeholders that include the private sector and members of the Belize Chamber of Commerce as well as employees and I know we also invited some of the labor unions as well to join us today. The consultant did lots of interviews with members of the public like employers, employees, the Belize Medical Council and because he solicited information from them this forum is to present what he found.”

The final report will be made available on SSB’s website.