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SSSC Takes a Month Off

There is no telling when the Senate hearing will come to an end. It has been going on for about eight months. Chairman of the committee, Senator Aldo Salazar says he believes it is winding down.


For my part I have been wishing to wind it down from very early. I have my own views on what merit we have been gathering and getting over the past few weeks. I only speak for myself when it comes to this I think we are winding down, if we are not we should be winding down. As I said as the chairman I want to make it clear I do not have a vote, that is why when you ask me certain things I cannot give a definitive answer because I don’t decide those things it’s decided by the committee I can only vote when there is an equal number of votes on either side then I cast a vote but for my part I feel that we are about to wind down and then I can start to write my report and when I say my report I am not claiming ownership of the report; the rules require that I provide the first draft to the committee and then we deliberate. I don’t know what the logistics of that will be but I will look forward to not having to prepare that draft on my own and to get input from the other members from very early on.”

The committee will take a break for the month of August and resume its duties on September 6.