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St Andrew’s Primary School Tops PSE 2016

The results for the primary School Examination (PSE) are a bit delayed this year but they are here and the administrators at the Saint Andrews Anglican Primary School can boast of topping this year’s results.  Seven thousand three hundred and ninety two students had registered for the PSE of which seven thousand two hundred and thirty five sat the four subjects.  Of the top twenty two performing schools, Saint Andrew’s Anglican School took five of those places; so did Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning while Belize Elementary School took four and La Inmaculada in Orange Walk took two of the top twenty two spots.  Coming in on top for 2016 is Kenly Young with a score of three hundred and ninety one points out of a possible four hundred; Angelina Urbino placed second from La Inmaculada Primary with three hundred and ninety one points and Marcela Lozano of Bernice Yorke placed third with three hundred and eighty eight points followed by Hugo Lin of Belize Elementary School and Ranai Gonzales of St Andrew’s Anglican Primary School.  The two exam dates for 2016 were March 14 and May 3 in the subjects of Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies.  The PSE exam assesses how well the students have grasped the primary school curriculum the four primary areas.  The results of the examination are intended to be used for two main purposes being the certification of Students at the completion of primary schooling in four content areas of the primary curriculum and educational decision-making to inform policy, planning and practice at national, district, school and classroom levels.