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St. Luke Methodist organizes Justice Walk for Kyron Green

The mother of Kyron Green, Marsha Belisle, has been put through the wringer since her 11-year-old son was shot in the left cheek on Friday. Though she refused an interview, she did tell us that she is just trying to be strong in this trying time. We managed to speak to the principal of Kyron’s school, Pamela Bodden, who, at the time, was getting things ready for a barbeque fundraiser to help ease the burden of Kyron’s medical bills. She told us about the type of student that Kyron is.   

Pamela Boden – Principal St. Luke Primary School: “Kyron is an outgoing student, he makes himself seen and heard. He is lively, he is energetic, he participates in our school band activities and sporting activities. Since September he has been with Ms. Enriquez his teacher, she has seen so much and gotten so much out of him. I think I have seen more positive things about Kyron for his Std. 4 year, this school year. He had to take an M.R.I. and that has been very costly. Him being in the I.C.U. is very costly as well and so the school today is having the BBQ sale, it is mainly for his medical expenses. We have joined along with the community: the parents, relatives, and church, we are all pitching in so that we can have this fundraising today.”

Apart from organizing the barbeque today, the school is also organizing a justice walk for Kyron and other children who have been affected by gun violence. According to Bodden, the message they want to send if for criminals to be more considerate of innocent children before recklessly engaging in criminal acts.

Pamela Boden – Principal St. Luke Primary School: “A justice walk or probably what we call awareness. Our school plans to do that yes and is also in support of Kyron. We want to make a statement to the public, especially to the perpetrators of the crime that we love our children and we will work for their safety no matter what. Our children are always around, it is their livelihood and their parent’s livelihood. Kyron was shopping for his mother, he had every right to do that and every right also to be safe. We who are the adults should by all means try to protect our children. I personally also would like to call on all adults, especially parents: mother and father to take up that responsibility of trying to protect our children. Even the parents of the perpetrators out there because what happened is all of those persons were once children and they belong to someone, at what point did they get to be that way? We will walk, turn right into Central American Boulevard, then we are going to make a U-turn at Penn Road, then back onto the Boulevard on the opposite side and back to school.”

The walk will begin at 9 a.m. at St. Luke Methodist, and will end around 11 a.m. Bodden also mentioned that they will have police escorting them.