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Stabbing Incident in the South Leaves One Man Injured

There was a stabbing incident in southern Belize that police are also investigating. Love News has learned that twenty-six-year-old parasailer, Terrell Meighan was stabbed while he was going to the store on Saturday evening at around five o’clock. The assailant, who Meighan says he has known for a long time, rode his bike towards him, jumped off and charged at Meighan with a twelve-inch knife. Meighan ran off but he tripped and fell and the man then attacked Meighan. Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to an eyewitness to the incident about what transpired after that.

:Eyewitness “I was parked right here in front of Ashton Shopping Center and while I was there sitting down I observed the victim Mr.Meighan I observed Mr.Meighan coming from this direction heading south. He was walking from a northerly direction heading south and while I observed that I then further observed another young man, I don’t know his name but I know him to be the son of one Mr.Thisby Thomas. I then observed he jumped off of his bicycle, took out a knife and then lunged after Mr.Meighan whereupon Mr.Meighan took off and ran right through this alley. Mr.Meighan then fell to the ground, somehow he must have tripped and then I then observed this young man inflicted – attempted to cut his throat but the young man then put his knife in the way to defend his throat and then I observed the young man then cut the young man’s hand.”

Police are now looking for Tyrik Burgess.