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Stabbing Incident Leaves One Man Dead

An altercation between two male individuals around two this afternoon has left one dead on the island of San Pedro. Deputy Officer commanding the San Pedro police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Henry Jemoth said thirty two year old Elton Polonio was socializing with a friend when there appeared to be an argument between them. Polonio was then hit once with a machete in front of Super Boy supermarket and ran across the street to Maya Hardware where he collapsed and died.


“At some time after 1pm two male persons got in an altercation on the Angel Coral street in San Pedro and as a result one Elton Polonio received injuries to the right side of his chest which was done with a machete. He was then transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival. We have not ascertained a motive at this time but the police we know who the suspect is and we are trying to pursue the suspect before he leaves the island and makes good his escape. A machete was recovered from the scene. We have recorded several statements and gotten video footage. One man is dead and we are looking for the other one so once we get the other one we can then ascertain what occurred. We are working vigorously, everybody is on go to find this suspect and to find out what the situation is and what caused this latest murder.”

Police are recording statements from various eye witnesses to establish a motive for the argument. Police are looking for the suspect that they believe will try to make his way to Dangriga where he is from. According to reports, Polonio and his suspected murderer have been in a confrontation before.