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Staff of Company Share with NGO’s for Xmas

Across the country, corporate partners are investing in communities and families that are truly deserving of Christmas cheer and a helping hand. The staff of Bowen and Bowen partnered with a few NGO’s and government institutions to share the Christmas joy in this following report.

Jose Sanchez: “The staff of Bowen and Bowen has decided to donate seasonal gifts to well deserving Belizeans through established organizations. B&B representative John Palacio says it is the 8th year they are doing this via the jingle boxes.

John Palacio: What is a jingle box? It is actually a Christmas initiative of groceries that would eventually take your business for Christmas day. As we know we are accustomed to having ham, rice and beans, turkey and salad on Christmas. Well you know what these boxes contain everything that is necessary for Christmas day and we went a limb out and even provided cranberry.

Jose Sanchez: “Hand in Hand, the Women’s Departments and World Pediatrics are few groups who will be selecting the families.”

Representative: “Yesterday we were texting the patients and they were calling back and saying oh my goodness they are so thankful but for us I think it is important for us to thank the sponsors and the people that spearhead this program. The staff to me is a true reflection of what the management has instilled in them and the Bowen family has always been huge supporters of our programs. We have worked in Belize for the past 17 years and there has never been a time when one of our patients needed to be sent abroad or for a mission here in Belize and we seeked out Bowen and Bowen and they didn’t come through for us so we are extremely thankful.

Hand in Hand Ministries representative “Hand in Hand Ministries outreach program is a program that works with children and families who are infected and affected with HIV and Aids and we have about 75 children in our program right and a month ago we were informed that we were supposed to identify 10 families and that was done a month ago and so from that list that is how we got our children and their families. We identified them and we notified them already so they are expecting this great gift from the B&B family, the staff and management.

Women’s Department Representative: “The Women’s Department is a unit within the Ministry of Human Development that offers wrap around support services for families within Belize. This is our second year partnering with Bowen and Bowen and it is a great initiative. When we called the beneficiaries they were so happy so I know that it is welcomed .

Jose Sanchez: “Jose Sanchez for Love News.