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Stafin Duncan Wins Presidency in Youth Council Elections

There were two bi-elections yesterday for the National Youth Council. One was held in Belize City where Micah Goodin and Stafin Duncan went head to head for the post of President for the Belize District. After the polls closed at 6 o’clock yesterday evening and the votes were counted, Duncan was announced as the victor. Eighty five votes were cast and Duncan managed to receive 54.8% or 46 votes leaving Goodin the remaining 45.2% or 38 votes. Duncan joins Vice President Dominique Noralez, Public Relations officer Renata Samuels, and Shayanne Allyah Dena who is now the secretary for the Belize District National Youth Council. The second bi election occurred in the Corozal District where Herman Sanchez lost to Phillip Wade Jr. Both men were contesting the post of Treasurer. Sanchez received four votes while Wade Jr. received seventeen votes. Wade Jr. joins Damari Tesucum as President, Dominique Vellos as Vice President, Immer Campos as Secretary, and Digna Ramirez as the Public Relations Officer for the National Youth Council in Corozal.