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Stake Bank Enterprise Limited Files Law Suit Against UDP Minister Tracy Panton

Former UDP Minister of Investment Tracy Taegar Panton has been sent a letter from the attorneys of Michael Feinstein of Stake Bank Enterprise Limited. The letter from Senior Counsel Glenn D Godfrey dates today, October 27, and accuses Panton of making defamatory statements against his client. Panton appeared on the local news earlier this month responding to questions surrounding the Environmental Compliance Plan for the Stake Bank Project. In the letter, Godfrey tells Panton that the statements she made, quote, “bore the meaning that our clients have entered into an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) for the cause-way component of their project through nefarious or fraudulent means and that the same was illegitimate.’ End of quote. Godfrey says that the statements are malicious and are not true or honest opinions. He says that Feinstein has, quote, “never acted unlawfully and in fact entered into an ECP with the Department of Environment on the 23rd day of August, 2019.” End of quote. The letter further asserts that Panton’s statements have caused serious and irreparable damage to Feintein’s reputation and business. It says that the statement also exposed them to unquantifiable loss at this point. To avoid further legal proceedings, Panton is asked to submit a written apology within seven days from today. If that does not happen, Godfrey will proceed with legal action against Panton which may include claims for injunctive relief to prevent further publication of the statements, damages and legal cost.