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Stake Bank’s Cruise Ship Docking Facility Resumes Construction

Construction of Stake Bank’s cruise ship docking facility “Port Coral” commenced today.

Construction of Stake Bank’s cruise ship docking facility “Port Coral” commenced today. Stake Bank Enterprise Limited announced via a press statement that vessels carrying the crew and equipment contracted to construct two enormous docking piers have arrived in the country. Port Coral has been fully approved and permitted as a port of entry and exit. Inter-Coastal Marine Inc. is the company that successfully won the contract to construct the huge overwater piers. The piers are designed to accommodate four of the largest class cruise vessels. For the Chairman of the Feinstein Group, Michael Feinstein, today is a historic day because the construction of the docking facility has finally begun. It is expected that the docks will be fully completed by the first quarter of 2022Stake Bank Enterprise Limited believes this is very timely since there is the expectation that the majority of Belizeans will be getting vaccinated against Covid-19 during 2021, as well as the first world countries, therefore the Cruise Tourism Industry in Belize is projected to commence with a huge influx of ship calls to Belize. This definitely will bring back thousands of jobs immediately, which will drive downwards the unemployment of the country. In a previous interview, Feinstein shared how this massive project will help Belizeans.

Mike Feinstein, Chairman/Developer, Stake Bank: “This again will be 95% Belizean and from here the tendering has reduced by 40% going over to North Drowned Caye in much calmer waters, a much more stable scenario. The terminals will be there, parking for 200 buses, nobody will be left out of that one. Inside the terminal we’ll make space for everybody. So again all Belizean. The proposal is to do a causeway from Belize City to North Drowned which is two miles. The causeway from here to North Drowned I have a feeling that will not be necessary but we’ll do what we have to do. I think the tendering will work just fine now reduced by 40%.

 Stake Bank Enterprise Limited is finalizing its engineering plans for the construction of the causeway that will connect Belize City to Port Coral via North Drowned.