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Stakeholders meet to discuss upcoming logging season

A meeting focusing on regulations and other important aspects in preparation the upcoming logging season was held yesterday in Toledo.

Paul Mahung reports.

“The meeting was coordinated by Officer in charge of the Toledo Machaca Forest Station Edgar Corella.”

Edgar Corella, Officer in Charge Machaca Forest Station

“The purpose of the meeting was to inform stakeholders within the Toledo district about the opening of the new logging season on October 15 2017. We were pleased with the different stakeholders that attended such as the police department, the Belize Defense Force, NGOs like SATIM, logging licensees and mill owners. During this meeting we discussed the Forest Act and its new amendment, the wildlife regulations and protected areas regulations. The discussion was really informative to the audience to clarify questions they had. We are also planning another meeting at the end of this month to meet with the village leaders within the Toledo District.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“During the meeting held at Elridgeville Community Center presentations and discussions related to the Forest Act, logging, wildlife and protected areas regulations were facilitated by Forest Department Staff representatives from Toledo and Belmopan. With the commencement of the logging season on October 15th Forest Department Officials emphasized that persons found engaging in illegal logging will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”