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Standard Six Student Named January’s Police Cadet of the Month

An 11-year-old girl from Queen Street Baptist School has been named Police Cadet of the Month for January 2017.  An official acknowledgement took place this afternoon on the compound of Precinct Three on Queen Street in Belize City where thirty fellow cadets gathered.  Deputy Commander for Precinct Three, Assistant Superintendent of Police Anacely Petillo gave us the details.


“Today the ceremony is about honoring Ernesha Dominguez who was the cadet selected as the cadet of the month from precinct 3, in other words precinct 3 won the cadet of the month. She is doing very well in school, she does all the tasks expected of her as a police cadet member. She is an acting Lance Corporal and she is also a role model. She received a certificate and also a box of groceries.”

A recent cadet formation was established at All Saints School which Corporal Wilfred Petillo spoke of as well as the aims of the cadet program.


“Recently we started with a new cadet group the All Saints Cadet program at the school. We have a total of 20 cadets listed in that program. The purpose of having police cadets I must mention I was one before at the age of ten and here I am a very productive and energetic person. There are different activities that they go through. There is the foot drills, that allows them to build a high level of discipline. Taking command we don’t complain. We have sports activities where discipline is important. We take them out on educational trips, Christmas parties and all kinds of community activities we have them involved in. To be a member of the cadet program we are looking at age 8, they can be a cadet from age 8 to 17 years old and what we are looking at is to reach even younger than that whereby shortly we will be working with kids from 4 and a half to 7 years old.”


“And this is to what? What are you trying to do with these young persons that join the cadet program, what are you hoping they will become ?”


“Well the long term of this program is for them to be productive, if we reach out to them at a very young age definitely we are molding them by having the different agencies to assist us to teach them life skills, to be productive.”

Erniesha Dominguez is the first cadet of the month selected for 2017.