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Stann Creek Family Displaced by Fire

A family in Santa Rosa Village, Stann Creek District was displaced after their home was destroyed in a fire on Friday night. Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke with one of the occupants, Timothy Ishim who was at home when the fire started.

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: The Ishim family in Santa Rosa Village here in the Stann Creek district is seeking the public’s assistance in an effort to restore their lives to normalcy. Timothy Ishim told Love News that while he was at home with his family a fire broke out from inside one of their houses which got out of control and at the end of it all destroyed two houses and a kitchen as well as their house hold belongings. They are now in need of building materials, food and clothing among others so as to get back on their feet. He tells us more.

Timothy Ishim, Fire Victim: “At around eleven o’clock I woke up due to the heat and the fire and when I woke up and came out I saw the whole house on fire. I have two houses next to each other. From there I couldn’t save anything. All I could do I just tok my family, my two kids and my common law that was the only thing I could do. People came late and the house had already finished burning. It started at the middle where the stove was, it started in the middle. It’s two houses together and it started there where the two houses meet.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent:  If you would like to assist the Ishim family in Santa Rosa Village you can contact them by calling cell phone number 667-5366