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State of the Art Facility Planned for Canaan High School

Canaan SDA High School has embarked on a treat for its future students. This morning they held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new building with 18 classrooms that will be able to hold over 500 students. The building is estimated to cost over seven million dollars and will be used as a hurricane shelter. The school will be able to also hold music and home economics classes with this new three story, concrete building. Once it is finished, the buildings that currently occupy the schoolyard will be relocated, as there are people already interested in buying them. The principal of Canaan, Pat Alicia Nembhard, said that so far, they have raised about $234,000 and are hoping to get government and public assistance to fund the rest.

Pat Alicia Nembhard – Principal, Canaan HS

“We haven’t completed all financial funding for this building as yet and we are still working on that. We have a lot of donors who are still working with us at this time but we wanted the Belizean people and especially the people in the city to know that there is a school that is available for their children to come for this new school year 2019 to 2020. So far we have had only locals which would be the PTA, they have done their fundraising, we have students, the student council who have also done fundraising for this building. We also have donors from abroad that will be coming in to assist us with this building. We are waiting for the Government of Belize to be a part of this initiative as well because it at the end of the project is going to be a Hurricane shelter for the community. Right now we are doing a cement block drive and we are asking the public at large if they can call the school number. My number: 623-3484 or the school number which is 223-2397. They can call in and let us know that they would like to assist. Right now the buildings that we have we can only host about three hundred and twenty students. The classrooms will be larger and we have an auditorium that can host approximately three hundred students. We will have home economics classroom and music classrooms that is modernized. All the classrooms are modernized classrooms and the building will be so situated that it will be so much cooler in the area. We will be able to have much more teachers coming in as well but that one big building that is coming up we are hoping that we can also have our night school extended. We are looking at having our sixth form and even our Adult Continuation Program.”

Canaan currently has about 293 students. The building is expected to finish in two and a half to three years. If anyone would like to donate, the school’s Atlantic bank account number is 100025801.  //////