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Statement says accused confessed to Pastor’s Murder

Early this morning, as the murder trial for the man known as William Mason was about to take place in the Belmopan Supreme court, the media along with observers were excused from the court room.  Fifteen minutes later we were informed that the hearing was adjourned until 9 a.m. on Friday morning.  We are unable to say what transpired inside the court this morning with Defence attorneys Herbert Panton and Rachel Montejo-Juan. What we do know is that during Wednesday’s session, retired police officer Russell Blackett was cross examined by Herbert Panton who said Mason’s request to see Blackett privately was based on a strong friendship between the men. Judge Anttoinette Moore stated that his testimony might not be admissible into evidence based on what was revealed about police protocols.  A Voir Dire was also conducted to determine the admissibility of a caution statement taken from one of the accused by a police officer. That statement was taken from one of the accused men who admitted to chopping off the head of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, burning the remainder of his body and disposing of the murder weapon. Attorney Herbert Panton alleged that the statement was taken under duress.