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Statistics Released for First Part of 2016

This morning the Statistical Institute of Belize released its latest figures as it relates to Consumer Price Index, External Trade, Gross Domestic Products, and the Labor Force. Presentations began with the Consumer Price Index by statistician one, Angelita Campbell who said on average prices were one percent higher in the month of May 2016 when compared to last year May and in the first five months, an inflation rate of zero point four percent was recorded.


Statistician Two, Tiffany Vasquez spoke of the External Trade. Vasquez said imported goods valued one hundred and seventy five point three million dollars representing an eight point two percent or thirteen point three million dollars increase over the same period last year.


As for Gross Domestic Product, Statistician one, Jefte Ochaeta explained a decrease of two percent in the overall level of production when compared to last year.


The final presentation was on Labor force Survey by Statistician Curwen Arthurs who gave preliminary results where he explained the decline in unemployment rate at two percent.


A copy of the report is available on SIB website and Facebook page.