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Statue erected in honor of the late Sir Barry Bowen

Today the family and friends of the late Sir Barry Bowen joined representatives of the Belize Airport Authority to unveil his statue at the municipal airstrip in Belize City, which was also officially named after him. Sir Bowen died on February 26, 2010, when the Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed on approach to the airstrip in San Pedro. He was 64 years old. The Belizean magnate was remembered by all present as a man who loved his family, his country and aviation. Here’s a look at the short ceremony. Dalila Ical reports.

“Less than a year ago, the Belize Airport Authority inaugurated and upgraded the municipal airstrip. Today, this airstrip was officially renamed the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport and a full size statue was unveiled in his honor.

Lady Dixie Bowen

“As the wife of the late Sir Barry I know he would be overjoyed since his dream has become a reality. For so many years he dreamt of this airport and spent hours envisioning how best to lay out and design this locale which has been renamed in his honor.”

It is fitting for a man who loved aviation, and as his wife Lady Dixie Bowen recalled from her speech last year, the upgrade of the airstrip was a project he held close to his heart.

In the short ceremony, family and friends of the late Sir Barry Bowen laughed and cheered as they shared their fondest memories of him. The statue was an idea born from the family and embraced by those in the Airport Authority.

Lady Dixie Bowen

“Truth be known Sir. Barry was always taken by statues. When travelling he would always take time to stop and really study this form of art and I know today he would be so very proud of this lasting remembrance of himself at the airport he so painstakingly designed and was determined to make a reality. Although Cuba has a host of talented sculptors with whom we met none compare to Vie’s work. He is a master at his craft.”

President of Tropic Air Airlines

“The statue is itself appropriate because it’s larger than life as was Barry. Barry didn’t just live life he took a big bite out of it and shook it hard. The fact that the statue is interactive here in front of us is important because Barry was all about staying in touch with people, all people. I have personally seen Barry tell the Prime Minister that I’m sorry I will have to call you back later.’ because he was busy working out some family problems of one of his yard keepers. Barry cared about people.”

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism

“I must say that Sir Barry was a great man. He was a great person. He had a great heart. He had a love for his country and for that I say may his memory live forever.”