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Statutory Instrument Number Eighty One in Full Effect

Statutory Instrument Number Eighty One is in full effect. While the document is not yet in full circulation, Minister of Health, Michel Chebat did announce some of the new regulations under this SI on Friday, July 30. The Minister spoke of the new curfew hours, that Covid-19 Enforcement Unit and the new capacity and guidelines for public spaces. What the Minister did not mention is that the vaccine has now become mandatory for all tour guides and tour operators who go at the various archaeological sites. It is a big change from having the option to present a negative PCR/Rapid Test, and a change that was executed yesterday when Police officers descended at the Altun Ha Archaeological Site to demand vaccine cards from the vendors. Without any knowledge of the change, we reached out to the CEO in the Ministry of Tourism, Nicole Usher-Solano, who confirmed that indeed there is a new regulation that forces the guides and operators to get vaccinated. That, however, was not the only big change. Cabinet has agreed to increase the fines for private gatherings to ten thousand dollars. It was also agreed that fines would be imposed on water taxis and buses who exceed the vessel’s capacity, and for those making, selling or buying fake vaccination cards there will be fined and taken to prison. It is under this SI-81 that the curfew was adjusted to 9pm to 4am everyday up until August 15. For minors, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, are to be in-house by 6pm until 5am each day. SI Number 81 was signed and gazette on Friday, July 30.