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STEM Lab School to Open in Belize

A Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) School is in the works to open its doors to its first cohort of Belizean students as early as next year. The Ministry of Education is working to develop a STEM Lab School in Belize City on the ITVET Campus. The Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Dr Louis Zabaneh, explained that they are currently formulating the framework with the help of a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education: “We’re working with a team from MIT preparing that curriculum and we’re also working on developing the infrastructure and we’re also hoping that by next year we can start with the first cohort of students. This is important because we have to prepare our children for the future. The new curriculum framework focuses on competency based education. It focuses on new methodologies of teaching that include problem based, project based, inquiry based learning and these are important new approaches for us. They’re not new in the world but they’re new for us that are conducive to STEM education. We’re also in discussions and we’re making swift progress in building out this STEM throughout the country, in all other districts so that we would not only have a STEM school in Belize City per se but we’re looking at possibly developing into seven other schools throughout the country so that there would be access for students that would not be able to come to Belize City.”

Dr Zabaneh says this school will be the first of its kind, not only in Belize but  in the region.