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The Stench in Belmopan. PUP Standard Bearer asks DOE to Intervene

General Elections may be in 2020, but it has not stopped the PUP Standard Bearer, Oscar Mira from working with the community. This morning Mira wrote to Martin Alegria, Chief Environmental Officer in the Department of the Environment about a foul stench that had allegedly emanated from a local alcohol distillery and permeated through the walls of homes and businesses. It’s a quality of life issue that Mira told Love News, he hopes the Department of Environment can address.

This morning I sent a letter to the Chief Environmental Officer Mr. Martin Alegria as well as to the Senior Health Officer at the Belmopan Western Regional Hospital and the reason being is that we have gotten a lot of complaints this morning about the stench and scent coming from the distillery. Complaints coming mostly the residents of the Cohune Walk area of Belmopan however this morning it was very strong. It was all the way to the west of Belmopan by the Rivera area. It was by the Forest Drive area and it is a real concern. It is nothing new and it has been going on for a while now since last October we had reports of this foul stench early in the morning and in the night and concerned residents of the Cohune Walk area had written posts of Facebook expressing their displeasure and their concern about this however nothing has been done and we believe that before something serious happens, before we have a health issues we need to get on top of it and we need to ensure that the proper authorities do something about it. This morning I also had a call from a teacher that said you know what Mr. Mira I am in the classroom and whenever this stench comes I get a headache so it is serious and it is something that the authorities need to look at. It is something that our residents and especially those in the Cohune Walk area are asking that the authorities look into it.

Mira says he intends to contact Travelers Distillery and meet with them to discuss methods to address the foul odor.