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Step-mother and Neighbour Chopped in Port Loyola

His name appears nowhere in our archive on news but tonight it will be submitted after Police caught him in the middle of chopping his stepmother at their home on Louise Bevans Street in the Port Loyola area of Belize City this morning.The 52-year-old woman, Consuelo Pop received multiple chop wounds to the head, shoulder and arms in the incident.  Another individual named, D’Angelo Figueroa was also injured in the incident while 19-year-old, Dinsdale Flowers is currently detained by police pending charges.  Deputy Commanding Officer for the Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson briefed the media on the investigation.


“Upon the arrival they conducted an investigation into the incident that revealed that 19 year old Dinsdale Flowers had inflicted chop wounds to his step mother 52 year old Consuela Pop and a neighbor D’Angelo Figueroa. Consuelo received chop to her hands and forehead whilst Diangelo received chop wounds to his back. At this time Consuela is listed as critical and the motive for this recent incident is unknown at this time however the accused is in police custody. The police patrol was in the area as we do have a patrol in that area and they quickly responded and intervened in the incident.  He (Flowers) was apprehended along with the machete. At this time it is being handled by the domestic unit as it is family as such however as the case progresses we’ll decide whether CIB  will intervene.”

Pop remains critical in the hospital while Figueroa has received treatment for wounds to his back.