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Stiff penalties for false information

In speaking with the media, Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai cautioned that individuals can incur penalties for giving false information in attempting to re-register.

Josephine Tamai – Chief Elections Officer, Election & Boundaries: “When the list is published I would like for persons like yourself to view that lists, to look to see if you have persons registered at that address who you know do not reside at that address and object to it but again when it comes to objection it has to be somebody who has registered in that division to make an objection- so if you are not registered in that division then you won’t be able to object to those persons name. We know that we have some addresses where you have like four houses in the yard and you have so many persons you might say twenty five or whatever number of persons at that address but it is not until you physically visit that address that you realize that you have four persons with that same address and that is why like I mentioned we have to go out and we investigate. But again one of the things, the law speaks to the Chief Occupant who is the person who is responsible, who owns that house or who is paying the rent of that house or who is in charge of that house at that time. That person is obligated to give us accurate information. We could require the chief occupant to furnish the names of persons who reside at that address. Not because you come in to register means that you automatically get on that list. We will do investigations and again remember the political parties will have persons out. The proof is always the problem that we have but we’ve had cases whereby and it all depends on the magistrates, you have some magistrates who physically visit those addresses themselves and make a determination if those persons actually reside there or not. In terms of the persons who give false information you have different penalties and the penalties go from $500, $1000 to imprisonment or a combination of both.”

The penalty applies to the chief resident of the house as well as the person trying to apply for re-registration.