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“Stig Da Artist” Shoots Music Video in Jamaica

Over the weekend, Earlyn Hutchinson, known as “Stig Da Artist”, was in Jamaica shooting the music video for his new single, “12 Noon”. The visit was also a chance for the Belizean musician to begin the ground work for his upcoming album that will be distributed by Universal Records. The album is expected to be released near the summer of 2022 and is set to feature a host of Belizean and international artists and producers. Our newsroom spoke to Hutchinson about this new opportunity.

Earlyn Hutchinson, Stig da Artist: “The music that I do , Dancehall music, comes from Jamaica and to win over the hearts of Jamaican people is very hard so I wanted to see for myself if they would like me as a person, my style of music, the way I sound and they did so that meant something to me. Apart from that we had the chance to network with huge people in the industry. We got the chance to meet and sit down and talk with Ms.Sharon Burke and at the same time we met Shaggy. You know I expressed to them that I recently got a Universal deal and we’re working on an album with that Shaggy was interested when he heard I’m doing all of that and especially because it’s through Shyne. In Jamaica Shyne gets a lot of respect honestly. Like everywhere I go and I tell them you know Shyne is helping us with the Universal deal and helping us push our music everybody wants to jump on board because of Shyne. Well we did a bad bad video in Jamaica and I’m excited to drop it. We’re still finalizing everything but we did a video with one of Jamaica’s biggest videographers Robin Chin and you know became good friend of mine now and this is only the start. This is only the start of me shooting outside of Belize, me shooting in Jamaica and me working with Robin and trying to elevate myself in the sense of my quality of videos. Stig da Artist is in album mode. We already have Dj Khaled locked in. These Jamaicans, and not only my Jamaican friends my Trinidad friends and friends in the US are very excited about me having the Universal deal. So now we’re gonna work on some other collabs and me and I want to make sure I make the best music possible like solos because I don’t want to work on the strength of anyone else I want to show the world my talent too so look out for this new music video and know that an album is coming sometime soon.”

Hutchinson, who returns tomorrow with his manager Richie Galvez, also explained that his new song will be released under the Belmopan-based Nineteen 81 Records.