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Still No Answers in the Kaylee Alvarez Death by Fire Tragedy

Last week a fire at the Conch Shell Bay area in Belize City took the life of two year old Kaylee Alvarez. The investigation on what may have caused the fire is still ongoing amidst allegations of arson. Today information from the Fire Department stated that they have narrowed down the start of the fire to a wire in the house. Station Officer at the National Fire Service, Orin Smith spoke with Love News.


“The investigation was conducted; the investigation proved the fire originated on the southeast section of the residence in the same room where the young lady was in. The investigation did not uncover any evidence to substantiate that the child was experimenting with fire. We did find some evidence of arcing, however the structure did not have any electrical current they were being fed from another structure and it will basically take a lab test to verify whether that arching was a result or the primary cause of the fire or if it was the secondary, otherwise I can’t say for sure that that is the result of what is started the fire. Once you are being fed from another structure there is a live wire in the house. Whether that wire is responsible or not.  I can’t say. It will take a lab test to verify that the beading that I found was a primary cause of a fire or a secondary resulting from the fire.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams commented this afternoon that they are also waiting for the Fire department’s report. During the commotion of the fire a man who was accused of setting the house on fire was beaten. ACP Williams commented on how they will deal with that physical assault.


“Much has been said in terms of whether or not it was a arson or a fire. I will say that at this time we have no evidence to suggest that it was arson. From all indications it is a fire we are still trying to determine how it was started and the Fire Department is working closely on that to be able to ascertain what is the cause of the fire and where on the building the or where the point had started but the video that you all were told about of a person running from the fire scene, that video has been examined, it did exist but that video has been countered with other videos to reflect that the person in that video was not present on that fire scene when the fire started. I have instructed my officers to proceed with charges against those persons who beat down Mr. Jones.”

Smith stated that if they find the start of the fire to be the live wire, that was connected to the house from the neighbor’s, that would rule out the speculations of arson.