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Still no arrest in child molestation allegation

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: The house on Reid Street is empty and looks abandoned. Before this past weekend, young boys described to be under the age of 14 from the neighborhood frequented the house. Neighbors believed that the man living in the house was a registered sex offender. The man is described as being an African American in his late thirty’s and has been reportedly convicted for the offense of having oral sex with a minor under 14 years of age in the United States. That man’s last known address was in California and his face and details appear on One neighbor who spoke to us says that his man has lived in the neighborhood for more than two years.

Voice of Concerned Neighbor: “This man has lived around here for two years now. The first time he came I was the one to speak to him and he acted as though he didn’t want to speak with people, that was the first and last time I spoke with him for over two years. Throughout the time I always noticed that during all the events that took place there a lot of young boys and were present all the time, at no time did I ever see any women  but as a normal neighbor I didn’t think much of it and I just observed. Initially I saw two main young guys there but over a period of time I studied them and I saw many more come but it didn’t raise concerns because I knew that when there are two little guys more friends will come so there was no reason to have any suspicion.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: However everything changed over the weekend when one of the young boys who had previously frequented the house made a jaw dropping accusation.

Voice of Concerned Neighbor: “The other night, which I think was Saturday night, we were out on Eve Street when I heard as if though the boy from the neighbor said that he wanted to go home and things like that. That was about 8:30pm. From there I saw the little boy come out and he was hiding around the fence as if though trying to see who was around watching.  I saw him and I picked him up and I asked him what he was doing there. He was crying and he said he wanted to go home and the man didn’t want him to go home and he said that the man was having oral sex with him and he said the guy paid him two noodles.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: In the yard we found packages of Ramen noodles and a heap of papers that on it had names of several persons none of whom were the alleged sex offender. We are told that the man was once again detained by police last night.  The neighbor believes that police should have done more when first called.

Voice of Concerned Neighbor: “They should have cordoned off that scene, went into the house, looked for evidence and specimen. They should have looked for all the necessary things; computers, cameras all the devices that those types of people use and put that as evidence so that they have a strong case but they were negligent. First of all the police didn’t have handcuffs, then they took a long while to get the man out because they didn’t have the handcuffs. One of the police men asked the other if he had handcuffs but none of them did. When they got the guy out the police came back here to the little boy asked each other “What will we do with this little boy?” I said to take the him to his mother and that they should charge the mother too because that child did not belong out there.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News: Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester Williams, has explained that they need to be 100% sure that the man is a registered sex offender in the US and that they have sufficient evidence to lay a charge on him. For the record, the website, states, “there is no representation that the man is currently on the state offenders registry. Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site”. We could not find any other website that showed him as a registered sex offender, not even the FBI’s sex offender registry.