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Still no charges for American couple in death of adopted daughter

After paying the fine of one hundred and eighty five dollars for the charge of possession of control drugs, Anke Cannon and Doehm were released. As they stepped out of the San Pedro police stationed they were re-arrested and will remain in detention for another forty eight hours. Cannon and Doehm are considered as prime suspect for the homicide of Faye Lynn Cannon. On Monday, July 3, the thirteen year old girl was found dead inside her room at her family’s condo at Grand Caribe on Ambergris Caye. Her adoptive mother, Anke Cannon, who lived with her boyfriend David Doehm, attempted to pass it off as self-harm. She told police that Faye Lynn was mentally ill and that she would hurt herself. However, when police saw the bruises on Faye Lynn’s arm and legs, they knew something was wrong. An autopsy revealed that Faye Lynn had been sexually and physically abused. Investigators are accumulating evidence in order to successfully prosecute the case. This afternoon, in San Pedro, the commanding officer, Superintendent Henry Jemmott said that while they have the assistance of the FBI, there are more questions than answers.

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“We had additional personnel on the ground over the weekend assisting us on all angles of recording statements, getting all the evidence that we need to submit to the DPP and if necessary if she wants more or other stuff that we need to submit to her then we will do that but I could tell you that everything that we have gathered so far we have sent up to her.

“Is there any truth to reports that the FBI is assisting in this case?”

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“Well yes it is a US national so they are assisting to a certain extent. I must tell you that the Belize Police Department takes the lead on any cases that happen within Belize.”

“ Are you able to say prior to her death that the resident’s complaints about there being physical abuse to this issue.”

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“We have no such report on record. We have one report that was made to the Human Development and our officer at the time in 2014 accompanied the Human Development officer to check on that situation. They will order a medical report, a medical report has to be ordered and as soon as that is compiled and completed that will be submitted also. Also the children will be interviewed by a specialist to see if they can get any evidence out of them.”

“Are you able to say whether or not any of the investigative officers have observed any sort of physical injuries to the other girls?”

Supt. Henry Jemmott – OC, San Pedro Police
“Well physical injuries I could say no they haven’t seen any physical injuries on the other children. It might be an isolated case, we have investigated a whole lot but there are still a lot of questions to be asked there are still a lot of questions to be asked about the whole investigation in its entirety as well so there is a still a lot more to be asked.