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Still no Contractor General

The Government of Belize has yet to identify a suitable person to succeed Godwin Arzu as Contractor General. Arzu’s reappointment as Contractor General was blocked by Senators on December 13, 2017. Senators raised concerns that Arzu was not carrying out one of his fundamental duties. He had not submitted a report to Cabinet for various years during his tenure. The government had to withdraw his reappointment. On Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, provided an update.

 Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“We’re not sure whether to advertise, we are looking people who are in the public service who have a record that might be prepared either if they are on the cusp of retirement or maybe have retired so that we can fill the slot. The initial hope, based on the promise of the ex-contractor general was that he would have completed the reports, seems to be not materializing. This is now March and he was to have delivered those reports a long time ago, it hasn’t happened so we have now determined on looking elsewhere.”

Arzu was first appointed as Contractor General in 2008.