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Still no leads on whereabouts of Kidnapped Omero Campos

The search for businessman Omero Campos is ongoing, but police say they are unable to say whether he is still alive. Campos was last seen on Sunday June 17 when he left his house to go to his farm. His family received a call hours after they realized he was missing, but police say that since then, there has been no other contact between the family and his supposed kidnappers. The search continues however. ASP Alejandro Cowo gave an update of the efforts by the department.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Police is searching several locations along the riverside way from Douglas to the border with Santa Elena Mexico but up to now we haven’t received any information or any other thing that can link us to the persons that has been missing since the 16th.

Reporter: So Sir I believe several days after the family he went missing they got a call and then and then an email has been circulated about a ransom request. Is police looking into this, what kind of lead you guys had at all?

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Well as I was made aware it was the media that this email was sent and I was only told about it yesterday, none the less we have had communication with one of the media houses that had reached the email. We are working with them and that we have traced the origin of the email however that is way abroad and the email address that is being used is one that it cannot be traced, We have downloaded some information in regards to that and that is one of the most secure mail that they have at this moment. The email was traced to a foreign company in Switzerland.


ASP Cowo says that searches have included personnel from the Police Department, Coast Guard and BDF.