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Still no word on teachers’ salaries being docked

Another matter of concern for the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) is docked salaries for teachers who attended the rally on Wednesday, November 7. Viewers may recall that the BNTU rallied against Minister of Education Patrick Faber and the need to continue negotiations on the issues of hardship allowances and Proposal 22. Hundreds of teachers attended despite a lack of support from some institutions and the ministry. President Elena Smith says the union is still waiting on a response as to whether salaries will be docked for those teachers who attended the rally.

Elena Smith President of the BNTU: “Nobody has said anything to us officially. I specifically wrote to the General Manager of the Catholic Public Schools asking her if she could inform us whether she would be giving that mandate and she has not answered. I met her personally and I asked her the question again and she has not responded so we are not sure but we do understand that there is one high school board who has docked teachers salary already. We are looking into that matter, we are not sure, that’s what we’ve heard.”

Reporter: “In which district?”

Elena Smith President of the BNTU: “Belize District”.