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Stop order issued on land reclamation in Belize City

The Department of the Environment has issued a stop order to the reclamation of a parcel of land along Seashore Drive in Belize City. That parcel is number 4670 and was being filled by Dion Zabaneh. The land, we understand is owned by Zabaneh’s mother. It is not the first time that he has been filling the land. He tried over ten years ago but was stopped by residents in the area. He resumed again last week, and now he has been stopped by the Department of Environment. Edgar Eck, Deputy Chief Environmental Officer explained.

Edgar Eck Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, DOE: “Apparently the Department of the Environment has issued a stop order. We have also moved to file the documents in Court so we are taking the matter to Court.”

Reporter: “ Had this person followed procedure would he have gotten any kind of consent or go ahead to fill the land in that area?”

Edgar Eck Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, DOE: “Very good question,  I can’t really tell you yes or no because there is process that we have to follow and if he fulfills all our requirements then he would have gotten the clearance so we will only look at the environmental impacts and mitigations if environmental clearance was granted.”

According to reports, Zabaneh had challenged a previous injunction in court in 2006 and won. That injunction was lifted in 2016.