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Store owner fight off robbers

Two men who attempted to rob a store got more than they bargained for. At around eight o’clock on Saturday night, the duo attempted to rob Joe’s Store in Belize City. The owner of the store caught wind of their intentions and managed to get a hold of his firearm to defend himself. Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch of Belize City, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, shared more details.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of C.I.B Belize City

“Mr. Wong Zhong Huang, a 40-year-old Belizean businessman was inside of his shop Joey’s supermarket when two male persons entered the said location, one of them was armed with a firearm and pointed it at the complainant and demanded cash. However, Mr.Wong took his license 9mm firearm and fired several shots at the assailants who ran away from inside of the shop dropping the said firearm that they carried. Police recovered a 9mm pistol at the location that the two robbers dropped whilst escaping from being shot at by the owner of the establishment. Yes, it was a loaded firearm with ten rounds of ammunition. Well according to what the information is showing that he had seen them coming because of the several cameras that were around the business place so he was prepared.”

One of the men in the video has been identified and he is in police custody. Police are looking for his accomplice.